Gifts from Santa Claus, Exhibition of Two in Sendai

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スクリーンショット 2014-11-05 8.38.28 Gifts from Santa Claus Term:Nov. 20 – 26, 10:00 to 20:00 (until 18:00 on the last day) Place:2F Center Court, Selva in Sendai (next to Izumi-Chuo station) I will be there on the following time. Nov. 22: 12:00 to 20:00 Nov. 23: 10:00 to 18:00 This is the show in conjunction with Shoji who draw the world of Santa Claus. I will be selling 4 original paintings, 20 giclee prints and also goods of sananomori. The customers who have turned to purchasing goods, I will put my autograph on the goods when I’m there This is my first exhibition in Sendai. To get to know about me, I will perform live. The original paintings are about characters of sananomori in winter, because now is Christmas season. Please come here and join us.

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